Marty is a leader in the community. In the decade that I have known her she has worked tirelessly to make a difference at Alta Vista Public School, and her child-centered approach focused on student well-being and equity has led to real improvements for all students at the school.  Marty is a strategic thinker who achieves success through partnerships, accountability, effective stakeholder engagement and community consensus building. Marty Carr has my vote - I know she will be a hardworking and highly effective school board trustee.  Eleanor Fast, Ridgemont High  School Council Member and Ottawa South Provincial NDP Candidate 2018

Having had the experience of working directly with Marty for several years, I can attest that she is a collaborative individual who always keeps the big picture in mind. I have witnessed her innate ability to remain professional in difficult circumstances and make objective decisions after thoroughly considering all views. Marty and I have had numerous enthusiastic discussions regarding public education and I have no doubt her professionalism, collaborative character and sincere interest in public education will assist her greatly in representing Zone 6.   Tina Morden, parent and OCDSB Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) Community Representative 

I have worked with Marty for the last six years on AVPS Parent Council and have always been impressed by the amount of research and information she presented at meetings in order for us to have all the facts before making important decisions. At one time, she almost single-handedly prevented the OCDSB and OSTA from changing the start time at AVPS by using OSTA's own data as well as statistics and demographic information from the school and City of Ottawa. She demonstrated how having the school buses do three runs in the morning instead of two would result in our most vulnerable students arriving at school too late to eat at the Breakfast Club, and would therefore have a negative impact on their learning. Marty insists on knowing all the facts and details about an issue before making a decision and this can only be of benefit to the residents of Zone 6. Barb Holland, parent; former Alta Vista Public School Council member; and current Hillcrest High School Council member 

I met Marty at a School Council Training Day several years ago, and she was quick to offer assistance and guidance as I was newly installed in my position as Chair of Featherston Public School Council. I have no doubt she will continue to work well with school councils across the Zone to improve our education system - Becky S, parent and chair of Featherston Public School Council, 2014-18  

Although Marty and I are not parents in the same OCDSB Zone, we have been both school council members and chairs who had the opportunity to work together on advocacy issues of interest to all OCSDB students and share ideas for council activities and parental engagement. Her enthusiasm for collaboration and idea-sharing for the good of all students will be an asset to the students and families of Zone 6. Dawn Fallis, parent and former Chair and council member of Robert Bateman Public School Council

Marty is a community builder. She is one of those people who inherently understands how important education and our schools are as a critical connector in our neighbourhoods and communities. I first saw Marty’s deep commitment when I enrolled my son in JK eight years ago. Marty, who was then co-Chair of our School Council, readily reached out-sharing important pieces of information about the school, teachers, upcoming events as well as facilitating connections between parents, students and staff. To this day she continues to play that role well beyond our school community. Marty cares deeply about our community well beyond our school zone; she is a relentless advocate for all of the schools in our community and has actively built partnerships between schools. So many in the city rely on her for information about shifts in the education system, road safety,  curriculum and issues that matter to us as engaged busy parents. She works tirelessly to make our neighbourhood a community in the best sense of the word, organizing community events within and beyond the school boundaries. She exemplifies the kind of leadership we need in public service; informed, engaged and action oriented and always putting our kids first because she understands that shaping young minds builds strong communities.  Peggy Taillon, parent; founder and president of Hera Mission; and President, Bruyère Foundation 

Marty is more than capable of establishing policy direction for parents and the public, as well as implementing the policies of the Board without bias. In the past three years, I have had many opportunities to observe her hard work and dedication to public education for the benefit of students and families. What has impressed me about Marty is how well she researched each and every aspect of debate that was presented when she was chairperson of the AVPS school council.  Marty has worked tirelessly for the AVPS Spring Fair, movie nights and all kinds of other fundraising initiatives for the benefit of students and families. She definitely has what it takes to be a great school trustee and advocate for our community. I was especially impressed with her openness to multiculturalism and determination in making sure that every student could participate in activities and community building, regardless of culture and socioeconomic background. I strongly anticipate that Marty Carr will be our next school trustee and that she will go beyond her job expectations.  Cindy Jadayel, parent and Ridgemont High School Council Chair

I’ve known Marty for over 10 years, as we both have children that attended Alta Vista Public School together in Zone 6. I have also worked with Marty as a fellow Director on the Alta Vista Community Association. Over the years I’ve witnessed first-hand Marty’s commitment and determination as a parent and community activist, whether it was her time as Co-Chair of the Alta Vista Public School Council, her leadership as a volunteer to raise money for a new playground for kids in our neighbourhood or her work as an advocate for numerous educational issues in Alta Vista over the years. I have no doubt that Marty will be collaborative and will work hard on our behalf in Zone 6. She’ll make a great Trustee. She has my support. Morgan Gay, Secretary-Alta Vista Community Association, Member-Billings Estate Advisory Board, President – Ottawa-South NDP

I have been a member of the Alta Vista School Council with Marty for five years and have witnessed her dedication to the school and the community.  She is tireless in her commitment to furthering the educational needs of students while  working with the school administration and parents/guardians.  She has always shown initiative in supporting the causes she believes in and has great passion for fair and equitable public education. Alison Millard, Chair of Alta Vista School Council

I have worked with Marty on a number of school related initiatives over the years and seen her successfully manage and execute many projects, both big and small. Marty is a creative thinker with the strategic sense and skill set to get things done. She sees the big picture, and her energy, enthusiasm and commitment to the common good inspire those around her to work out practical solutions to tough issues. Marty is hard-working, articulate and honest and I can think of no one who would be a better or more committed public trustee. We would be lucky to have her!  Adair Crosby, parent of an incoming Canterbury High School student, former Alta Vista Public School member, Vice Chair, and Co-Chair


As a social service professional with over 25 years experience of working with vulnerable children, I know Marty you will work hard to ensure all children have opportunities in the public school system. Kristy Fudakowska-Donnelly, Executive Director, Blair Court Community House

I had the pleasure of working with Marty when we were both on Alta Vista School Council. As Chair, she showed great leadership and initiative and was a great advocate for our school and public education overall. She has the ability to get things done quickly and effectively and is a skillful negotiator. Although my children graduated from Alta Vista Public School years before Marty's, I have had the pleasure of continuing to work with her in my position on Ridgemont School Council, as Marty has worked with us to develop greater partnerships between Ridgemont and Alta Vista  Public schools.  Petra Alince, parent; former Alta Vista Public School Council member; and current Ridgemont High School Council member