Marty is deeply committed to public education and ensuring equity for all students. A proven community leader and skilled communicator, she is grateful for the rich cultural and linguistic diversity of Zone 6. She thrives on bringing people together and building consensus. Her abilities to engage with her community and understand the big picture make her an ideal candidate to represent Zone 6. Having a strong voice at the table will be critical as both the Alta Vista-Hunt Club Accommodation  Review and Eastern Area Phase Two Accommodation Review are scheduled to take place during the next four years.  These two processes have the potential to change the school landscape in Zone 6. She looks forward to engaging with students, community members, School Board members and staff in making sure that decisions are made in the best interests of all students in the OCDSB to help support student achievement and well-being. 

The following attributes and commitments make her an ideal candidate to represent Zone 6: 

  • An excellent communicator and public speaker fluent in both official languages, Marty will communicate school board activities and decisions readily and succinctly to her constituents 

  • A lifelong learner, she will take advantage of professional development opportunities to ensure she is well versed in current research to set Board priorities and support informed and evidence-based decision making 

  • Marty will advocate for public education that meets the needs of and ensures the success of all students and families in the OCDSB, from extended day care through to high school 

  • Highly visible in her community and an expert in forging partnerships, Marty will develop relationships of mutual benefit with community partners, stakeholder groups and  other levels of government-working actively with Zone 6 school councils to do so 

  • Marty will continue to promote and celebrate diversity while ensuring equity and inclusiveness and a sense of belonging within the OCDSB 

  • Marty will champion the well-being and achievement of all students and will work to ensure increased supports for students, including those related to mental-health